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How to find all Battlefield 4 Collectible Single Player Dog Tags (BF4 dogtags)

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In this guide i show you guys how to get all 19 hidden dog tags in the battlefield 4 campaign. I also mention how to find the last 3 dog tags for a total of 22 collectible dog tags.

Dog tags you find:

Baku Mission
Nice play dog tag
One way trip dog tag
Sergeant Dunn Dog tag

Shanghai Mission
A one-man riot dog tag
going up? dog tag
Business Casual dog tag

South China sea Mission
carcharodon Dog tag
lord of the waves dog tag
Agent kovic dog tag

Singapore Mission
horizontal rain dog tag
Armored column dog tag
Cage fighter Dog tag

Kunlun Mountains Mission
Cag Fighter Dog Tag
Freedom at any cost Dog tag
The shaw-shanked redemption dog tag

Tashgar Mission
Destruction Enthusiast Dog Tag
upstream swimmer dog tag

Suez Mission
Rebel Dog Tag
Fleet Guardian Dog Tag

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