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neverwinter trickster rogue build guide

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neverwinter trickster rogue build guide

powers i specced into: sly flourish, duelist's flurry, thrasing blade, dazing strike, deft strike, bloodbath, lurker's assault (tested it and it's pretty viable on bosses instead of just bloodbathing.), first strike (for early levels), tenacious concealment(also for low levels), tactics (for higher levels) infiltrator's action (for higher levels). 

powers i plan on speccing into: courage breaker, skillful infiltrator, wicked reminder, shocking execution.

feats i specced into: action advantage 5/5, weapon mastery 3/3(i didn't in the vid but this is ideal) swift footwork 2/5, cunning ambusher 3/3, endless assault 3/3, disciple of strength 3/3, scoundrel's training 1-3/3(you can prolly just skip footwork altogether to max this out instead)

paragon i chose: scoundrel
paragon feats i chose: underhanded tactics 5/5, nimble blade 5/5
paragon feats i plan to choose: catspaw style 5/5 (mocking knave is a good alternative if you want to use cloud of steel and have sly flourish do even more damage) brutal wound 5/5(damage sounds way too good to pass up) whirlwind sneak 1/1. pretty sure im not able to choose more than those

backup paragon if you don't want to pick scoundrel: executioner
executioner worthwhile feats: (can't remember the first tier but i think i'd want the 1st over the slight action point gain on chance ,devastating shroud 5/5, brutal backstab 5/5   ,deadly momentum 5/5, overrun critical 1/1 (you can also get the party 3% crit if you want more crit/being a passive buff slave)
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