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Bone Dragon - Starbound Guide , Third Boss - Gullofdoom - Guide/Tutorial - BETA

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In this video I'll show you guys how to craft the item needed to summon the third boss the Bone Dragon and how to take him on easily. I highly recommend a good ranged weapon of sorts preferably the highest level you can get. You'll need 2000 Pixels , 100 Wood Plans , 20 Fabric and 50 Titanium Bars to craft the Decoy Princess. This might seem like a big task but I find it easier to collect than the second boss summon item. Once you have the item you can place it and he'll be summoned. But I really recommend the arena I built in this video. So please take a quick look at my arena if you want to not struggle with this guy. The Energy Dash Tech is also definitely helpful as it makes avoiding the fireblasts and trails of fire trivial to dodge. Kite him back and forth and you'll kill him in no time! Happy Starbound!

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